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Experience automotive excellence at our auto body shops Revitalize the look of your vehicle with professional craftsmanship and precision detailing. Our skilled artisans ensure flawless results, elevating your car's aesthetics.


Artistry in Auto Body Transformation: Our Journey and Expertise

At Sioux Valley Automotive, we stand as a testament to the artistry and precision that define the world of automotive transformations. Since our inception in 1962, we have relentlessly pursued the mastery of our craft, breathing life into vehicles and instilling them with a renewed sense of identity. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond mere paint and metal – it's about understanding the soul of each automobile that enters our workshop.

Years of Expertise

Passion-Driven Craftsmanship

Fusion of Innovation and Artistry


Elevate Your Ride with Our Services

From flawless paint applications that enhance your vehicle's allure to precision bodywork that erases imperfections, our offerings redefine automotive aesthetics.

Awesome Painter

Our talented painter combines skill and creativity to breathe life into your vehicle, turning it into a rolling masterpiece. From vibrant custom designs to sleek, factory-finish coats, our painter's expertise adds a touch of awe-inspiring beauty to every curve and contour

Excellent Materials

We believe in using only the finest materials, sourced for durability and aesthetics. Our dedication to quality ensures that every paint color, finish, and bodywork element is a testament to our commitment to perfection.


How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

The duration of the repair process can vary based on the extent of the damage and the specific repairs needed. Our skilled technicians will assess your vehicle and provide you with an accurate estimate of the time required for the repairs. We understand that you're eager to have your car back as soon as possible, and we strive to complete the repairs efficiently without compromising on quality. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated on the progress and any potential changes to the timeline.

Do I need to get multiple estimates for insurance claims?

While some insurance companies may request multiple estimates, it's not always necessary. You have the right to choose the auto body shop you prefer for your repairs. We work directly with various insurance providers and can help streamline the claims process for you. Our team will provide a thorough and accurate estimate, ensuring that both you and your insurance company are well-informed about the repair costs. You can trust us to provide transparent and reliable estimates to facilitate a smoother claims experience.

Will the paint match the rest of my vehicle after repairs?

Absolutely! Our experienced paint technicians are skilled in color matching techniques to ensure that the repaired areas seamlessly blend with the rest of your vehicle's finish. We use high-quality paint and advanced technology to achieve accurate color matching, resulting in a flawless and uniform appearance. Our goal is to make sure that your vehicle looks as good as new, and you won't be able to distinguish the repaired areas from the original paintwork. Your satisfaction with the final result is our top priority.Footer


With a commitment to excellence and a love for what we do, we collaborate seamlessly to make each project a masterpiece.

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